So, you want to know a little more about the duo of Days of Vinyl, eh?   

Days of Vinyl consists of Wayne Kern and Mike Mullis; two talented and accomplished musicians who met playing in a Baltimore-based popular Big Band and have been playing together for now over 10 years. Their similar tastes in music made for a perfect fit! They both play and sing, and bring a great dynamic to their audiences.

Funny story about how they decided to form their band.  In late 2007, Mike's parents were having a wedding vow renewal ceremony at their house. Mike was going to play some tunes off his keyboard and laptop. But in order to do it right, he felt he needed a bigger sound, and some vocal harmony. So he asked Wayne to join him. It took one rehearsal together to play a great set, and it impressed the crowd. So much so that one of the people in attendance wanted them to play an event they were planning. At that point, Wayne and Mike decided that this would be the start of Days of Vinyl. 

At the beginning, Days of Vinyl was more of a "niche" band, catering to what you would find on actual vinyl records; mostly the 40's through the 80's.   But as time has gone on, and the band is in demand for Weddings, Mitzvah parties, and events with wider age ranges, their repertoire has greatly expanded into music as recent as this past decade.   Now, Days of Vinyl plays hits from the last 60+ years, with something for everyone!

So what about Mike and Wayne? Let's get to know them a little better:

Wayne Kern has been working steadily as a band and solo musician since 1976; playing dinner theaters, night-clubs, weddings, and more.  Wayne's rockin' guitar sound and smooth vocals make for a phenomenal sound.  With a range of playing and singing styles, Wayne can go from The Rolling Stones to The Stray Cats in the blink of an eye.  Wayne's inspiration also comes from great groups like The Beatles and Todd Rundgren.  No matter the style, Wayne defines his own catchphrase, "Are you ready to rock?"

Mike Mullis has been playing piano since the age of 8, and singing for Big Bands, Classic Rock Bands, and R&B groups since 1995.  In addition to all that, Mike currently is the music and choir director at Temple Adas Shalom in Harford County.  But, as a true child of the 80's, Mike's heart is in the more popular music of that time; inspired by artists like Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Elton John, Chicago, and Steely Dan.   He's gotten into a few of the newer songs, but never forgets where his roots are!