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Welcome to our blog. We will update this page top keep you in the loop of all that is happening with Days of Vinyl. While the bulk of our pictures will be on our Facebook and Reverbnation sites and we encourage you to friend us there, we will try to put a couple new pictures here as we can.


May 8th, 2012

Wow, is it May already??   This is what happens when you are so busy you forget you have a blog page!    We are so sorry that we have neglected our blog and our keeping in touch with you all here.    Most of our communication is done through our Facebook page, so of course we've been busy there.    But overall a LOT is going on with Days of Vinyl!    And we continue to move along at a great pace with all that we are doing.

The biggest change that has happened even since January is that we have really begun to move more into the event realm than ever before!    At one time we were doing a pretty good split of gigs in restaurants and bars vs. events.   But this year in particular we are doing many more events.    And they continue to book even this late in the spring.     From our friends at St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church, who had us out for their Shrimp Feast last month and has booked us for their Crab Feast in September, to Loyola University who is having us out for our third Milestone Reunion picnic in a couple of weeks.    This weekend we are playing our first carnival for Our Lady of Hope in Dundalk, which we have found out from outside sources is a huge thing and  worth lots of exposure.   The International Electrical Contractors Association was so impressed with us last year with their own Crab Feast that we are coming back again for them as well!    These just keep coming.

And some of our events have been just stellar successes!   This past Saturday we did a Bat Mitzvah party in Newark, DE.    The party was rockin'!    The kids had a fantastic time not only playing games and activities thanks to Emcee Mike Mullis, but danced all afternoon to everything!    It's always impressive when you start playing "Jesse's Girl", and 13 year olds start putting their hands in the air!    The parents raved about us, and even did a video testimonial for us which we're going to put up here shortly.      This is what we live for.   These are the events that make us who we are.

Musically, we are still continuing to expand.    We were able to add a slew of new songs to our repertoire like "I Gotta Feeling" (Black Eyed Peas), "Dynamite" Taio Cruz, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" (Big and Rich), "Sharp Dressed Man" (ZZ Top), and more!     And in July we're going to go back to work getting even more songs under our belt.    We want to continue to be one of the most versatile bands in the area, and we keep ourselves sharp!

So keep with us, things are definitely heating up for the summer!     We've starting doing open houses at The Cloisters Castle, and we are looking at more places to get our name out there.     All that info is on our Facebook page.   And we promise to try to do a better job with our blog.   :)

Have a great week everyone!     Oh, and BTW we forgot to mention...........November 25th, 2012.    Boordy Vineyards!

January 16th, 2012

Happy New Year!     Welcome to the new-and-improved Days of Vinyl!    Your complete entertainment solution!    Yes, we have made a couple of huge changes as you can see.   First and foremost, you will notice our completely redesigned and re-imagined logo.   While the jukebox was great 5 years ago when we were just playing 50's though 80's and not offering more than just ourselves as a live band.    But now we are becoming something much more, much bigger than that.    We have begun to expand our songlist repertoire to reach into some of the hits of the 90's, and the last decade.   Songs like "Forget You", "Life is a Highway", "All Summer Long", and "Firework".    And we are going to be adding more, like "I Gotta Feeling" and "Hey Ya".    Don't get scared, we're not getting away from our core music.   But we have to reach a wider audience.   We need to appeal to a younger crowd as well.   So that changes the music we need to perform.   And then beyond that, we are adding a "DJ Style" service offering to play the modern hits that a band can't perform but the teens want to hear, as well as the multitude of step-dances like "The Electric Slide", and "The Cupid Shuffle".    So we are going to literally be able to offer non-stop dancing music all night long.    Add to that our new lights including a really cool roving light for the dance floor, and we have a complete entertainment package that appeals to all ages.    

We've begun to really turn our focus to weddings this year in a big way.   We've been very successful with our weddings, and we have done everything from beautiful formal receptions in Rock Hill (Harrington on the Bay), to a Wedding BBQ party at an Elks lodge.    Nothing makes us happier than seeing packed dance floors!   This year we are going to take even the next step to becoming one of the premier wedding bands in the state!    We are working on joining the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association, which will keep us rolling, but will give us the ability to help brides and grooms find other great vendors to take care of things like photography, linens, flowers, and even planners!    We set up at the The Timonium Bridal Expo this month, and it was a great success!    We met a lot of wonderful potential brides, and made some great connections with fellow wedding professionals.    And we got to perform on stage for a couple songs per hour.    All in all a great time!    

We're also shoring up a number of return private events as well.   We already have multiple crab feasts, and Loyola University Alumni's Milestone Reunion Picnic.   And we're working on a number of other similar events.   And it's not even the end of January yet!   We are anticipating having our calendar full before spring!

Don't worry though, we still have a number of public events still in the pipeline for this year.    We will have our regular nights at the American Legion in Havre de Grace, and the Shamrock Inn in Baltimore.   And we just picked up a new venue which looks to be a regular rotation at the Bird River Inn in White Marsh.    We also will be debuting a Saturday night dance for the "Sunday Singles" group in June over in Sykesville.    So those of you still trying to come out and see us live, you will have plenty of opportunity.   All of these are on our calendar, so check us out!

Talk to you soon!

December 26th, 2011

Happy holidays everyone!    We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and enjoying your Hanukkah, and preparing for the upcoming New Year!    We're prepping for ours as well, and it's going to start with our second year in a row at Harford County's Temple Adas Shalom where we're entertaining their members for their NYE party on Saturday night.    It was a great time last year, and we're glad to be back.

2011 has been a great year for DOV, and we have our fans and our venues to thank for that.   You can't be a successful band if no one wants to have you come out and play.    This year has been a mixture of finding new places to play and creating long-term relationships with establishments.    We've had some great gigs at places like Boordy Vinyards, The Shamrock Inn, Liberatores, The American Legion, and The Woodstock Inn; which by the way was where we finished out the year with a "House is Rockin'" Holiday Party that turned out to be the best bar gig of the year.    The place was packed and they didn't stop dancing until we stopped playing, literally!    I don't think we played that much music in one night in our entire career.   It was crazy.    

But where we really excelled this year was in the place we really like being; the parties.   We've done numerous parties and Crab Feasts this year, and we've been asked back for all of them in 2012.    In fact, they liked us so much at the St. Alphonsus Chuch's Crab Feast that we didn't even get halfway through the night before the even coordinator was telling people she wanted us back in April for their Shrimp Feast.   So we're doing that.    The Independent Electrical Contractors Association was also a big hit and we were asked back to that one this coming year too.    Also, we have to mention the Loyola College Alumni Picnic which we did for the second year in a row, and have already been asked back for year three.    

We also got our feet wet in doing some wedding work as well.   We played at the gorgeous Harrington on the Bay for a beautiful water-side wedding reception, and at the Severna Parks Elks Lodge for a wedding BBQ.   We didn't even get out of the first set of music before the lodge event coordinator booked us for THEIR Crab Feast.     And we even did a Bar-Mitzvah, which was a lot of fun.

So what's on tap for 2012?    Well, we're looking to build on our success and keep pushing for bigger and better things.    The market we now want to make our big push in is the wedding and party area.    We're starting off the year by setting up shop at one of the big Bridal Expos, where we're going to get ourselves out there in front of prospective brides and grooms, and show them exactly why Days of Vinyl is the perfect band for their wedding.    It's going to be great and we're going to start conquering the part of the market where our abilities and talents really shine.     Don't get us wrong, we're still going to have our public venues for everyone to come out and see us play.    January and February are already filling up.   But our shift in focus is going to allow us to really grow as a band.    And we're excited.

For those of you who are reading this and are interested in learning more about how we can make YOUR party/wedding/etc: a great time for your family and friends, click the Planning Your Event tab at the top of our webpage for more information.

We're also looking at the possibility of adding some newer music to our repertoire.  We're not 100% sure where that is going to take us yet, and we're not going to alter who we are in the process.   Days of Vinyl will still be geared towards that great music of the last 50 years that everyone gets up and dances too.   But we also know it doesn't hurt to add a little Kid Rock or Big and Rich to the songlist.    We've added some music from the last 10 years already like "It's 5:00 Somewhere".    A couple more can't hurt, right?

So, we're looking ahead to 2012 with great ambition, and a full head of steam.    And we hope you'll be in for the ride with us!     

Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year from Mike and Wayne @ Days of Vinyl.

November 23rd, 2011

Wow, can you believe it is already the end of November?   Where has this year gone?   Feels like it was just Summertime, and already we're looking ahead to 2012.    

And looking into 2012 is what we're doing right now.   Days of Vinyl has had our best year since starting out in 2008.   We have done Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Crab Feasts, and on top of that picked up a number of regular spots to play; including great places like The Shamrock Inn and The Woodstock Inn.    In 2102 we are making the big push for marketing ourselves to brides and grooms, Bar/Bat Mitzvah parents (and kids), and more.   And we're already set to play some repeat gigs like Loyola College.     2011 we felt was a breakout year for Days of Vinyl.    Now we want to make 2012 even bigger!

So tomorrow, when we sit down and feast and ask ourselves "What are we thankful for?"    The answer is obvious.    It's you.    Thank you for being fans.   Without you, we can't do what we do.   Thank you for your support and love.   It means a lot!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   Have a rockin' good time!   (Oh yeah, and Go Ravens!!)

August 14th, 2011

Really? It's the middle of August already? The summer has just blown by hasn't it? In just the short month since our last blog writing, things have been really steady. We do have some disappointing news, which came as a surprise to us. We will not be playing at Weber's Farm this year. We weren't really given a good reason other than they said they were trying to "branch out" with new bands and such. After 3 years of success there, it's seemingly time to move on.

And moving on is what we're doing! We have still been extremely busy. Some of our new venues have become steady, and we are still cultivating our private gigs. Our latest gigs were Crab Feasts at the Severna Park Elks Lodge and Blobs Park for the Independant Electrical Contractors Association. Severna Park Elks was fantastic and we'll never forget 250 people banging crab mallets on the tables to our music. A great time was had and they talked about having us back. The IEC Crab Feast was also fun, and the best compliment we can ever get is when the organizers simply say "We'll see you next year, pencil in the date.". So that adds this event to our returning gigs for next year, which includes the Loyola Milestone Picnic. And we've got New Year's Eve booked again as well.

Our bar/restaraunt public gigs have also been doing really well. The Shamrock Inn has been very good to us, and has now booked us through the end of the year. We're headed out to the Woodstock Inn in Howard County this Friday, and if all goes well we'll have two more dates through the end of the year as well. The American Legion in Havre de Grace has become a venue where their crowd is now coming out strong when they know we're coming. We also have an October 28th date at Liberatore's in Bel Air coming up.

So things are still looking steady. 2012 will also be a good year for us as we have a couple Bat Mitzvahs lined up for the summertime to complement the new returning private gigs. The Days of Vinyl train keeps chugging along! We're glad to have you all on board!

July 2nd, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone! Wow, what an incredible year 2011 has already been for us! We have been busier than we have ever been since the band formed in 2008! We've had a little bit of turnover in the bar/restaraunt scene, but we have still found some places to play that we've had a lot of fun at. The American Legion in Havre de Grace, MD is still one of our big regular spots to play, and we've also gotten into places like The Shamrock Inn in Hamilton, Liberatore's in Bel Air, and The Austin Grill in Silver Spring. And we have upcoming gigs in places like the Woodstock Inn & Grill out in Howard County too that we hope will be as fun. And don't forget we're back at the Havre de Grace Seafood Festival on August 14th, and we will have our dates for Webers Farm (our 4th year!) soon.

But what has really been what we feel is the turning point to Days of Vinyl has been the big swing to private events. This is what we've been looking to do since we got together. Don't get us wrong, we love getting out to see our fans. But our true desires were to play some higher profile gigs too. And that has happened in a big way this year! Already we have done Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and have been back for our second stint at the Loyola Alumni Milestone Family Picnic, which we have already been asked back for 2012. And we're not done! In mid-July we will be doing BWI Live at BWI Airport (seriously, in the baggage claim area), and then a couple of Crab Feasts, one of which for the International Electrical Contractors Association. We're looking really forward to these.

We're having a great year, and we hope you'll be able to come see us at some of our upcoming pubic gigs!

Our 2010 Gigs

It has been a really good year for us. We have started to gain some steam and success which has had us really looking ahead to the future. We've started to get some regular venues such as Tir na Nog in The Harborplace at The Inner Harbor, The American Legion in Havre de Grace, and we made our third appearance at Weber's Farm (where we were actually approached by the Webers to make sure we were playing this year). And we picked up some new venues like the Havre de Grace Seafood Festival (who have already invited us back next year), and the 2010 Loyola Alumni Milestone Reunion. Not only that, we have already made arrangements for our first Spring 2011 gig. Three years into Days of Vinyl, and things are looking great!

As you may have noticed, we have changed this from a Gallery page to our Blog.  The truth is that it's really difficult to put pictures on here like we want to, so we have shifted that to our Facebook page, as well as our Reverbnation page. Every page on our site has a link to our Facebook page.   We would love for you to check that out and even become a fan!

Weber's Cider Mill Farm
October 2009 
In 2008, Days of Vinyl was invited to play just a couple of sunny October afternoons at Weber's Farm, entertaining the kids and adults who were coming into the farm. As you can see from the pictures below we had a blast. And so when Summer came to it's end, the Weber's invited us back again. Except this year we were their featured band, playing a DOV record SIX days! For three of the four weekends in October, including Halloween weekend, we entertained up in the pumpkin patch; playing for the folks getting their last minute pumpkins, and sitting down in the eating area. And as usual we had kids and adults alike singing and dancing with us. Wayne even gave the crowd a very good rendition of "Monster Mash" on Halloween weekend. Once again, we greatly thank Steven and Joanne Weber for having us and look forward to being back in 2010!

Main Street Tower Restaraunt
July 19th, 2009
September 20th, 2009
Days of Vinyl has really tried to be more of a party/dance/event band than anything else, so we don't typically do the bar or restaraunt scene. But Mike got an email from the booking director at The Main Street Tower Restaraunt, who got a copy of our demo CD and said he "had to have us". So on an absolutely beautiful late July Sunday afternoon Mike and Wayne headed into downtown Bel Air, MD to entertain the crowd up on the deck of this great place. Some danced, some just sat back and enjoyed the music while having dinner and drinks. But what amazed us more is that a large section of the patrons who came up to check us out stayed the entire time we played! They loved us so much we played an extra 20 minutes over our schedule!

So we had such a good time that day we had to come back for one more. And so we did it again on an equally nice (for coming up on Fall) Sunday afternoon in September. The Ravens were playing the Chargers, and we were playing on the Tower deck. For the patrons of the Restaraunt, they got to see a Ravens victory and hear some great music!

May 1st, 2009

The first half of 2009 has been a nice clip of private gigs.   This is what we've been working towards when we formed the band last year.   Check out what we've been doing:

  • January 2009 - Naden/Lean Annual Holiday Party (Private)
  • March 2009 - MDEMS Charity Motorcycle Rally and Ride (Fundraiser)
  • April 2009 - Ducks Unlimited Spring Music Jam and BBQ (Fundraiser)

Mike and Wayne at the White House!
December 8th, 2008
If you checked out the Bio Page for Days of Vinyl, you will have learned that we also currently play in a large 27 piece big band. That band had the prestigious honor of playing at the White House for the annual Congressional Holiday Gala. And while perhaps one day Days of Vinyl might get such an honor, it didn't stop us from being in complete awe of this experience. We got a private tour of the White House, and pictures with President and Mrs. Bush. While this wasn't a Days of Vinyl gig (yet ;>), here are a couple of pictures we took while we were there.

Harford County Republican Women's Club
Annual Holiday Gala
Top of the Bay, December 6th, 2008

Easily one of our most prestigous gigs of the year was in a beautiful ballroom at the Top of the Bay on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds post in Harford County. We played to a room of 140 people, and a great dancing crowd! So great a lot of them stayed until the very end of the night. Later on, the club's President told us that we were the first band they ever had that kept the crowd until the last song; usually everyone was gone a half-hour before! After a while, we were just taking requests from the group, and they loved it!

On top of everything else, there were many important people in the room. We were fortunate to meet and greet with local and state politicians. We even got to pal around a little with Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, and Former House of Delegates and Ambassador Ellen Saurbrey! When a Governor tells you that you are good, you take it as a great complement, no matter what your politics are. All in all, another great night for us!

Weber's Cider Mill Farm
October 12th and 26th, 2008

Ahh, Fall. Cool weather, and a days on the farm. Well, except it was far from cold weather! But nonetheless it was two absolutely gorgeous days for us to make our official Weber's Farm debut. If you have never been to this place before, it is extremely cool and an absolute blast for kids! And it was packed all day on the 12th, and a good bit on the 26th! We played from 12-4, and had people dancing and singing along with us the whole time. Speaking of the kids, they seemed to love us the most, giving us high-fives and dancing all day. Yes, little kids dancing to 70's and 80's music. It was a sight to see. They loved Wayne's guitar playing, prompting him to break out into a quick "Old McDonald" for some of them. We had a great time at Weber's Farm, and we're already looking forward to being back next year!

Harford County Councilman Dion Guthrie's Surprise 70th Birthday Party
July 27th, 2008

One of the biggest gigs of our young career as Days of Vinyl came on a Sunday afternoon at Martin's East in Rosedale, MD. We were booked to play for a well known and respected Harford County Councilman, and his 150+ guests. It was our first big test of our ability to entertain an audience where we were not just the background music. To top it all off, not only was the rest of the Harford County Council in attendance including County Executive David Craig, but Maryland Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger was there as well. We had a great time playing and singing for a good crowd, and got people up and dancing most of the day. Wayne debuted our two new Frank Sinatra songs and knocked them out of the park! To give you an idea of just how good our computerized MIDI tracks are, one person actually accused us of lip syncing! When she found out we were singing and playing live, she was floored! That's what we're all about, a full band sound!

American Legion #17 Car and Cycle Show
July 11th, 2008

On an absolutely gorgeous Friday evening in Edgewood MD, we got the opportunity to support and help our most honored veterans of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement by entertaining Post #17's very first annual Car and Cycle show. Their first show was a great success. And we were well received, with people telling us they couldn't believe we sounded like full band! The event was put on by the American Legion Riders, and all the proceeds from the event went to them. It was our honor to play for them, and it was was a fantastic night. Picture perfect weather, excellent food, and a great turnout for the event.

Orchard Landing
May 30th, 2008

Our first gig we did was last month at the Orchard Landing Restaraunt and Lounge in Loch Raven, MD. It's always exciting to see your name up on the marquee when you're starting out. Except.........ummmmm.........well.........

You know you made it big when the place spells your name wrong. "Days of Vinge"?? How "Vinyl" became "Vinge" is beyond us. You can't even play the letter change game and come up with that. But hey, it happens. It was still a great night and we had a lot of fun. And they did of course eventually fix our name: