Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Planning your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah with Days of Vinyl

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very special day for a Jewish child. And when it comes to their Mitzvah party, entertainment and music are extremely important to make sure that all your guests enjoy themselves. It can be one of the most fun and memorable events a young boy or girl can have.

That's why Days of Vinyl's combination of both live music and DJ services make us the complete entertainment solution for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party!

Don't worry, we've heard it before. "My child thinks a band won't be able to play music he/she likes."

But Days of Vinyl is not your standard band! Because of our innovative style we play such a wide range of music that covers almost 60 years, we are able to perform everything from the songs the older relatives and family friends remember and danced to all the way up to the popular songs from the last few years. And what we don't/can't perform we will provide in an "in-break" DJ service, which we are even able to seamlessly mix in and out of our live music. Combine that with our other Mitzvah party services (see below), and you can see that we work very hard to make your child's Mitzvah party a memorable day!

Days of Vinyl takes great pride in their work, and do it with complete professionalism and lots of energy! And we do it at a very competitive price. Some DJ's can run up to $2,000 a party depending on what "package" you buy. You get everything everything we do including our lights, our "in-break" DJ service, and MC duties for much less!

Now live music has a feel that pre-recorded music doesn't. It draws people to the dance floor, no matter the age. As a live band we can interact with the kids and your other guests in a unique way.

And even though we are a live band, we strive to play to the authenticity of the original recording of a song in a way that no other band can accomplish. So your guests will enjoy the songs they love, that SOUND like the songs they love, without a band's "interpretation". There is no other band that can do what we do!

Most importantly though, from our very first planning meeting until the party is over, we will work with your son/daughter to build the songlist that they want.

"How extensive is your DJ Service?"

While we do play and continue to learn and add the popular music from last few years, we understand that there are certain songs and artists that the younger generations like and want to dance to that a band just cannot perform. That's when we go into our "in-break" DJ mode, so when the band stops playing, the party doesn't stop! We will spin these and all the music your child and their friends love to keep the dance floor busy! And we can take requests up until the day of the party (and in most cases even during!)

And of course, we have all the popular group dance songs as well, such as Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, Chicken Dance, and more!

"What about games and other special parts of our party?"

As we said, we are a complete entertainment solution! It also doesn't hurt that co-owner Mike Mullis is Jewish and knows everything about a Mitzvah party! We handle all the various other MC duties of the Mitzvah party. Introductions, Motzi, Kiddush, Candlelighting, Speeches, Hora, special dances, and more! We are very flexible to your needs!

We also have a variety of games and prizes for the kids, and will work with your child to come up with the games they want to play. And they saw something at a friend's party they want to do as well, we will make that happen!

We also can either recommend vendors to you for collectibles and specialty items to hand out to guests, or order them ourselves so you don't have to (fee dependent on items)! We even have vendor partners that can provide other fun activities and things during the party!

In fact, for parents we can even assist you in finding the right venue, party planner, photographer, videographer, caterer (if needed), and more as we have an extensive list of those vendors as well!

"What about space? We have a small room where a band can't really fit."

That is also no problem at all!! Because we are a small band, we can fit in literally any room no matter the size. Whether it's in a tight corner, or against the main wall, we can take up the same amount of room as a mid-sized DJ! So you don't have to worry about whether you have the space to hire us. We can pretty much guarantee you do!